The Red Book

Posted on 02. Dec, 2009 by in Casual

red book from Julian Seery Gude on Vimeo.

This video was Julian’s final post for our month long  November vlogging marathon on, but because it is about the long awaited publication of Jung’s The Red Book it also belongs on meatworks to mark a significant personal event. The great volume arrived today courtesy of my sister Pat and it is a magnificent large volume containing Jung’s most private and personal writings and images.  Most of the book is taken up with full colour reproductions of the original folio volume that Jung had specially made to illuminate by hand. It is like a high quality reproduction of a medieval manuscript which it in many ways resembles.  The remainder is commentary and an English translation of the material. For those familiar with Jung’s work it is immediately apparent that The Red Book will fill in many gaps in our understanding of his work. Some of the imagery is familiar from already published sources but both the quantity and quality far exceeds anything seen before. It becomes apparent that even stray drops of ink in the margins, which at first seem like printing flaws, are actually part of the faithful reproduction of the original manuscript.

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