Sunset in the Park

Posted on 05. Dec, 2009 by in Casual

The subtle movement of the palm leaves and changes in the sky over 60 seconds recall the experience of taking still shots of scenes where definite but almost imperceptible changes were occurring.

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  1. chicken legs

    20. Jan, 2010

    I want to live here.I had to watch it twice to see the changes in the sky -very subtle.It`s very beautiful Lorenz.

  2. Lorenz Gude

    20. Jan, 2010

    Yes, this Lumiere has impressed several people including me. The leaves shimmering against each other are a special quality of movement – I think there may be moire patters happening like when you move two grids against each other – and then there is the changes in the sun and sky you commented on. And that is easier to miss than say the one I did of the moon at night. The night moon taught me that sky changes over the course of a minute have amazing possibilities that never can be captured by still photography. A former design professor I met also like this Lumiere and felt it unequivocally inhabited that middle ground between still and motion photography. I would say you do live there in that Perth is every bit as beautiful as West Palm Beach. That makes me realize I will have to make an effort to find parks like this one in Perth where I can get shots of this type. The part I live across from in Armadale is one place but there is also the beaches like Cottesloe.

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