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This pavilion housing Santa Claus at a mall here in South  Florida reminded me sharply of the elaborate pavilions that appear in the great French tapestries. Those often depict a princess in an enclosed space that contains and honors nature and the sacred Feminine. Like its predecessors this pavilion in uncompromisingly pagan and firmly rooted in nature and yet it combines holly and palm trees and electric lights and outsize Christmas decorations. Like a cathedral, it is of superhuman scale – you can just see Santa inside the pavilion at certain points in the Lumiere. It is easy to see the commercial aspect of such a display, but I wonder what is so special that it attracts such an outpouring of traditional symbolism. Apologies for the shaky camera – I had to hand hold in the circumstances.

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  1. chicken legs

    19. Jan, 2010

    Interesting.I thought of the Tapestries too when i looked at the Lumiere,especially our favourite Lady and the Unicorn.Before Christmas i did a bit of research on the so called pagan symbolism of the Christmas tree and it`s decorations and was amazed to discover that apparently both the tree,and all decorations are powerful Christian symbols going right back to the tree of Life , Christ`s intervention to redeem man ,the Passion and the Resurrection.Not modern hokum either but going right back toGerman medieval mystery plays. My interpretation of The Lady and the Unicorn was always Christian, the aspect of the feminine which was able to contain the holy terror, the animal majesty of God.Mary and the Holy Spirit.I`ll be very heretical here:the modern version of this is The Twilight Saga written by the practising Mormon Stephanie Meyer.Much maligned and sadly much misunderstood (mainly by animus ridden feminist academics )as a juvenile vampire story.In reality a post feminist text on feminine individuation through love and suffering.We played the music from the film of these “pathetic ” novels at our wedding.Anyway, thanks for the Lumiere Lorenz.

  2. Lorenz Gude

    19. Jan, 2010

    Good to hear that the Christian symbolism is not skin deep. This massive psvillion was quite a sightand beautifullyn executed. Better that it have genuine deep roots in the Christian tradition, as opposed to just superficial commercial appeal.

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