This may be my most still Lumiere yet. For me it is dominated by the static,  two dimensional  rectangles of the building and the ladder.  I am not at all sure what it means to stretch such an abstract image over a minute of time, but I know it changes it.

One Response to “Garage, Silver Spring, Maryland, 2009”

  1. chicken legs

    20. Jan, 2010

    At first viewing i thought that nothing moved, that the film was completely static as you said.No movement in the grass , sky, or trees in the background.Being an introvert, i focused on the two openings in the shed, wondering what might be going on behind them.I`m sure that i saw the slightest suggestion of movement through the window on the right hand side of the shed towards the end of the Lumiere…..I think it`s Baba Yaga`s house and the chicken legs are stealthily hidden underground…..What is that object on the left hand side of the roof that just sits there-one of her runes?

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