Carolina Squirrel

Posted on 17. Jan, 2010 by in Casual

I’m very happy with the way this little fellow darted in and out of frame as if he knew where the edge was, and not happy at all with the camera movement introduced by the gusty wind. Time for a better tripod.

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  1. chicken legs

    19. Jan, 2010

    AHHHHh- even better than the goats!Thanks for sending it Lorenz,it gave me such Joy! I love squirrels, the manic movements they have and their huge tails!I love the way he disappears and then reappears with such gusto to run up the tree!.Tiger does EXACTLY this when she is in a silly mood outside-i chase her yelling and she ostentatiously runs up a tree pretending to be scared.What jollity.Her tail gets huge too.Sorry i`m not big on the practical details of shooting the Lumiere-it just gave me such pleasure that i did`nt notice any problems with shaky camera or the blasted heat here for that matter.

  2. Lorenz Gude

    19. Jan, 2010

    Squirrels seem to move in this sudden erratic way as a defense mechanism. That is just the way they are and a delight to watch.

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