Posted on 12. Dec, 2009 by in Casual

Bianca sleeping, that is. Yes, she really is yellow orange despite her name. I am visiting an old friend near Washington DC where Bianca has been a fixture for 16 years.  She climbs aboard and goes right to sleep. I gather she regards me as her latest full time employee.

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  1. chicken legs

    12. Dec, 2009

    I love Bianca! She looks like Cat Stevens Firecat from his illustrations of Teaser and the Firecat.Now i know his Firecat could have been inspired by a corporeal cat rather than a creature from his psyche.She looks a bit like she could have come from the red planet Mars too.She looks like a cranky old girl-i love the way her whiskas twitch with an intimation of contempt when she is initially disturbed ,and the way she swings her head around in annoyance when somebody or something annoys her.She who must be obeyed!

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