Standing Water

Posted on 23. Dec, 2009 by in Casual

On the night I arrived at a friend’s in Silver Spring Maryland there was exceptionally heavy rain. This Lumiere is of the water standing in my friend’s back yard about 48 hours after the rain stopped.

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  1. chicken legs

    20. Jan, 2010

    This is beautiful Lorenz, it looks like a more rustic earthy Monet painting, with the scruffy bits abounding, come to life.The subtlety of the colors is lovely-it really appeals to an introvert.It might be standing water but it`s not still-i love the way you have captured subtle movement as well as color in the Lumiere.

  2. Lorenz Gude

    20. Jan, 2010

    I’m glad you see that – I was trying for something like that but was a bit disappointed – I think because there isn’t any clear point of focus. That is a strength too – the way the wind creates ripples. Still, I just feel It might have been better if there just happened to be a rock laying on the lawn. What your comment does is confirm that qualities that appeal to introverts or meditation are very important. I have one of a river in Georgia that I will post sometime soon that has a lot of that quality. Also one that has water beading on some branches during a rain with flats and people moving in the background. Both are about water.

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